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Breaking down K-beauty

K-phones, K-pop, K-dramas, K-beauty—all things K clearly seem to have us all enthralled. And while K-beauty has been around for a while, we're still not done talking about it. And so, we decided to demystify what K-beauty is all about—with a little help from Mr. Doyoul Lee, Managing Director, Innisfree India & General Manager, Amorepacific India.

How do you define K-beauty?
K-beauty signifies beauty brands from Korea. But I think it isn`t sufficient to explain what K-beauty exactly is; for me, it stands for innovative beauty products. K-beauty is an umbrella term for skincare products that are derived from South Korea. It is known to give you that flawless, glass skin by incorporating Korean ingredients in your daily skincare regime. It has gained popularity worldwide especially in East Asia, South East Asia, US and now in India as well.

How is K-beauty different from Indian beauty ideals? How have you tried to adapt K-beauty to Indian beauty practices?
Indian beauty ideals represent Ayurveda, home remedies and relying on natural ingredients. K-beauty represents innovation in skincare. At Innisfree, we use natural ingredients derived from Jeju Island in South Korea. Our products are a result of the goodness of nature combined with technology.

What are the K-beauty essentials one must have? 
Some of the K-beauty essentials one must have are cleansers—oil and foam. Koreans believe in double cleansing and hence use two types of cleansers. You must also have squeeze masks sheets which are a staple product in South Korea. Mask sheets give intense moisturisation and hydration to the skin which leave it feeling flawless. People also call it ’15 minute magic’. It is a quick fix before any party or date. Another important K-beauty essential is a sleeping pack. Koreans believe that night time is when the skin repairs itself and so a sleeping pack should be applied to wake up to a refreshed, smooth and supple skin. Other essentials include face mist, serums and eye creams.

What is the ideal skincare routine that should be followed?
I would like to emphasize on only two things—cleansing and sunblock. These two things are basic and the most important in your skincare routine. Otherwise Koreans usually follow a 8-10 step beauty regime that includes double cleansing, toner, lotion, serum, eye cream, cream, sunscreen and mist.

What skincare advice would you like to give with respect to the lockdown?
I think it is important to follow a daily skincare routine. Don’t think that just because you’re indoors, your skin will be fine. Use a sunblock during the day even if you are home. You can even try DIY masks—they’re fun and can be done easily at home.

What do you think Indian women get wrong in their skincare routine?
I think at times women all around the world think that they’ll get smoother and supple skin by over-exfoliating; however, overdoing exfoliating can lead to rashes and red patches. You should exfoliate the skin only once in a week. Another mistake which many women make is not applying sunblock. Sunblock is a very important part of skincare and should be applied as the last or second last step (if you are using a face mist). Please do not think you don’t need a sunblock if you’re indoors. Sunrays can seep into our home through windows and doors and hence we need to save our skin from harsh UVA & UVB rays.

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