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How to nail the festive makeup look

Last month saw the India launch of the award winning indie makeup brand Nudestix at Sephora. These handy little sticks pack in quite a punch—they're your nudes, but better! As the cult brand makes its presence felt in India, we spoke to Jenny Frankel, President and Founder,NudeStix who shared her journey with the brand and how to make it work for you this festive season!

What are the colour trends internationally?
For the fall season, (I know it sounds clichéd) but nudes are always in trend. What you see on the runway are warm nudes. I’m talking about natural nudes. The hot trend is lips in beautiful nude tones with the cheek in the same tone. We’re also seeing a similar tone on the eye. So, the eye, the lip and the cheek have a very monochromatic effect—we’re seeing that on all the runways. When we look at trends, we look at what’s being shown on the runways. That’s really where editorial gets its inspiration from as well. We’re also seeing a lot of glowy skin. When we talk about highlights, it’s not necessarily the sparkly or glittery highlights, but its highlights that make your skin glow. Oily skin can also glow—you simply need to matten your T-zone and keep your high points glowing in a non-sparkling, luminous way. It’s about being luminous—not glittery.

Eyebrows are also quite the rage…
We’re finding a more natural brow come back into trend. Instead of an over-pencilled, over-defined brow, it’s just a little softer. It still can be polished and have a precise shape, but is just a little softer. A great way of doing that is just being a little lighter-handed with your pencil, or you can go a shade lighter. We’re seeing a trend where the mascara is soft as well. Unlike spidery lashes, it’s a very clean lash. Blush has come back—and it’s going to be very big going into the spring season. I call it a pretty nude. Nudes are what keep popping up!

What are your tips for the bridal season?
My tip would be this—you’re going to look at these pictures 20 years from now! So I think you want to make sure that it still looks like you. Don’t create a whole new version of yourself but work with your naturally beautiful features. I would really focus on one feature at a time—you can still do a smokey eye, but use natural, earth tones. You can have a pop of lip in a deeper neutral shade as opposed to a colour that might get dated like a bright pink or bright orange. Colours like a warm brown or a warm burgundy or even a classic red will never go out of style. Twenty years from now you’ll say “My makeup looked good and not—what was I thinking!”

What is the biggest Indian makeup faux pas that you have noticed?
When I first came here, I was expecting the makeup to be heavier than what it is. I actually just came back from the Middle East and thought for some reason that women in India would have more of an Arab take on beauty (which is full coverage). Instead, here I see a more western approach to beauty which is natural tones for the eyes and lips.

Which NudeStix do you recommend for Indian skintones?

If I was to share my prediction for the bestselling shade in India, I it would be Burgundy. The shade is the perfect kind of red-y brown that works beautifully on mid skin tones. It’s in the texture magnetic matte which is like a liquid lipstick in a pencil. It’s multitasking and lasts all day. I’ve noticed that women in India have long days—they have homes, families, careers. All the products have to perform. The other shade that I think will do well is Purity, because it’s a ‘my lip, but better’ colour. For eyes, a soft luminous, chocolate brown will work very well here. I also think the colours Copper Foil and Rustic that have beautiful coppers and golds will perfectly complement the Indian skintone.

Why do you think a brown works better than black?
Black is harsh. If you make a mistake, it’s all the more challenging. A chocolate brown that has luminosity will make the eyes look brighter. If there’s darkness or pigmentation, it actually will brighten the eye.

How would you describe the Nudestix girl?
The Nudestix girl can be 18,35 or 65, but she is that modern day woman. That means that she does it all—she studies, has a family, a career. The only thing she doesn’t have is time. She wants to look like a better version of herself but its not necessarily the most important thing to her. She wants to leave the house looking better and feeling better about herself. NudeStix allows her that opportunity in 3 minutes so that she’s armed with confidence to go and take on the world—cos that’s what the modern day woman is doing today!

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