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Here’s how you can be your own jewellery designer

Did you ever fancy a piece of jewellery but never actually got around finding it? Well, you can now create what you imagined with Mirakin, a jewellery brand that allows you to design your own jewellery with 3D printing. Here’s all you need to know.

2Inspired by Japan, made in India
Inspired by Japanese fine jewellery aesthetics, Mirakin is a five-year old Indian brand that creates exquisite designs using 3D technology, which is still not used by any other brand in India. The technology coupled with the artistic designs and intricate craftsmanship makes each and every piece of jewellery akin to a personalised piece of art. The word ‘Mirakin’ comes from the Greek word ‘meraki’ (which refers to leaving a piece of your soul in what you do) and the Japanese word ‘kin’ which means gold. The word itself portrays free-spiritedness and an unconventional approach to life. Here’s how you can go about creating your customised piece of jewellery.

Once you log onto Mirakin you can go with the option of designing your own jewellery. You can either select from the available templates or send a specific design of your choice. Then, someone from the design team will get in touch with you within 24 hours to fine-tune the design. You also have the option to select from the ready-to-wear collections available on the site.

6Customised to perfection
Apart from the design, you can opt for a metal of your choice. While the collections are primarily in silver, gold is also available as an alternative. Based on the references shared by you, the designer will provide a minimum of 3 design options. If you’re dissatisfied, you can ask for more options.

Once the designs are finalised, the sketches are turned into digital copies. The digital copy is then fed into a 3D printer through which a formed piece of jewellery is received. The piece then goes through a process of filing and cleansing, to achieve the perfect finish. The piece is then polished and micron-plated three times to make the product last long. From the day the design is approved, the piece is ready within 7 days. You can rest assured that it will be delivered within 10 days of placing the order. Before you know it, your wearable piece of art is ready to wear.



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